Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grand Archway

There are many, many archways in Morocco. Some are a part of large areas of Islamic worship. There, the archways are also decorated with mosaic tiles. They remind me of puzzle pieces in a way. They interlocked perfectly. But, I almost wish they would be random here and there to express some new found creativity.

Also, there is much that I have been thinking about for this piece. A student once shared that one has to cross a hair thin bridge to go to heaven. One's good deeds and bad deeds have an effect on how fast one goes across this hair thin bridge. The bridge is razor sharp. The student firmly believes she'll have to go across this bridge one day.


  1. Marcia! I am wildly crazy about this one and the story that goes with it!!!
    You have done it-you loosened up!!!! Bravo!!!!

  2. Marcia, I love the way the puzzle pieces are floating all over this one, and the color scheme! Bravo.