Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moroccan Archways

I am a tiny bit busy in Nicaragua (see my Creative Call Nicaragua blog posted on the right hand column of this blog), but I have decided I need to make a little of my own personal art along the way. So, I am pulling out the painted paper archways I made at Marge's house merely a week ago. I have very few supplies here, but I will see what I can come up with in another country far from home.

I remember seeing a man on a horse as we entered the Fes medina. Even though the archways are broad, it always seems a little claustrophobic in most areas of the medina. I tried to portray that in this piece. The medinas in Morocco are often fascinating with brilliant colored items for sale. The colors will not fade quickly from my memory!

There is also a mix of old world beauty and cheap knock-off Chinese goods. My Guess watch that I bought at one medina is an example of those wonderful Chinese goods. Where do they get so many name brand sports bags to sell?

Once outside the medina, I drink in the fresh air with friends, and we think we've done something epic by wandering through a Moroccan medina. And just maybe we have.

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