Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painted Turtles

While sleeping on the airplane from Connecticut to Minneapolis, I was suddenly, abruptly awakened by the burning thought that I needed to make turtles out of the painted papers I did with Marge, to bring to Nicaragua. I was literally awakened with such fervor that I almost got up to go make turtles. Yikes. Now, where would I go on this plane? If I was designing an airplane, it would have studio space.

Why was I wide awake? 
(Still small voice?) I looked over at my sleeping neighbor. Nope, wasn't him. OK, turtles. I'm on it. Soon.

Fast forward. Today, I do have to PACK in order to go to Nicaragua, but I am also pacing myself with some art-making and shopping with Lori. She has offered to help me get a little coffee maker for the home where I am going to be staying in Nicaragua. It should be a help to other teams who come down there to hang with folks in the village.

I'm trying to not be worried about tarantulas, scorpions and biting ants. I think there should be some sort of traps for these pests. I'm going to look for a "tarantula hotel" to trap those babies! Or at least google it.

I remember that lavender is distasteful to scorpions, I mention it to Bill and Lori upstairs, and Lori hands me an upside-down, drying clump of lavender from her closet. Another gift to bless all who enter the home where I am going. And ward off scorpions. Please. (Do I suck the blood out if I get bit?) I'll google that, too.

My painted turtles.
OK, back to the turtles!

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