Friday, April 1, 2011

Take-off for an Airport 5K

I have an hour and a half delay right at the start of my return to Seattle. Before take-off, there is no take-off, for at least an hour an a half. I try to get comfortable with this sudden change. I feel a slump, of sorts, in my heart. The next leg of the trip may be stressful with very close time frames to run/walk a 5K at the next airport. An airport that now seems even larger than the last time I was there. Maybe it'll be a marathon. I'll miss the flight, then what? You know how the mind works. I'll be sleeping on a series of chairs with stiff armrests that mess up my real ability to lie down. Buying odd magazines and nuts.

Then I settle my soul down a bit. I turn to God and pray, handing things over to Him. The One who knows me best. I plop into one of the white rockers they amazingly have at this airport, and I turn, in my mind, to my Master Craftsman, my Maker, who designed me in His mind and brought me, His artwork, into existence. 
Lord, I'm having a little stress here. Can you please see me through this one safely, so I get home? I pass the stress over to Him as well. My frame can't handle it. I rock a little, thinking of my grandson, Calvin, and comforting myself. I rest a little. OK, I can do this.

I guess I'll go check the boards and see what's next. To be continued.....

The photos are for all to see, in case you want to come to an airport that has some relaxing chairs. I have successfully refrained from buying a UConn T-shirt, a Yale T-shirt and lots of large candy bars.


  1. You can do this! I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me! YES.
    If you miss it in MN they will put you on another-it is their fault with the delay. Neson said it is a hub so it should be fine. HE will take care of you through this. Add another tie on your story rope!

  2. Yes, Marcia, He is with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Hang on baby! You're almost home!
    I just finished catching up on all the blogs I missed in the creative swirl. So fun to think about now. And Martha and I shared a bit last night and this morning, before I headed back to my sister's...sigh...another chapter closes. What will open next for each one of us?!
    Thanks again so much Marge and Marcia!