Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Single Heart Tile

My next archway represents one of the many non-working fountains I saw around the area of Morocco where I was living. One really large fountain/archway is by the grande mosque in Casablanca. It is so large-scale that it is jaw-dropping at first. Many of us took photos there. The fountain is enormous, yet non-functioning. No water. Maybe it is turned on during a special day?

I have a photo of myself sitting on the ledge of this grande mosque fountain because the mosaic tiles make an enormous whole. The repetition of the tiles without subject matter are an artistic device. The Islamic faith does not want artists to promote any idolatry by using subject matter in artwork.

I look at the giant mosaic once again, and I think of the men I met chipping those tiny shapes into tiles with simple tools while sitting on the dusty floor of a ceramic studio in Fes. One man I met, chipping away, quietly handed me a heart shaped tile he had made. One single tile. He seemed to be turning away so as not to make eye-contact. To me, that lone tile heart is the very best of art.

I want to honor his act of kindness in this archway. Thank you for the single tile heart.


  1. LOVE this one! Awwww.... the memories! Thanks for keeping them alive!

    Judy and I are missing you. Having fun in Malaga. Off to Granada by bus in the morning.