Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mail Must Get Through!

A lovely, kind friend from the Seattle area sent me an art/care package to Morocco. (I am not there anymore, but, no matter, the adventure continues.) The package of treasures was snagged at the Casablanca post office for weeks. The postmaster wanted me to give them $100 for the box. And my passport. The short story is that the box of art supplies were eventually sent back to my friend in Seattle. It arrived 3 days ago. That is 4 and 1/2 months after she sent it. (Later, I found out my friend had even sent $100 dollars for me to get the package out of the post office!)

So, at this point, I have, an amazing friend, and the box of supplies for my next trip that is just around the corner. I thought you might like to see the box, as all boxes I received were all opened and re-taped in Morocco. So, here are some photos of the box and its wonderful contents. The supplies and power bars will be used with children in another location, but I marvel today that the mail must get through, and God does not waste anything!

Post Script: My friend here at the lake house noted that one baggie of Sharpies had only 3 Sharpies in it. The baggie was also slit! Well, we concluded that, most likely, a few black Sharpies are now being used at the Casablanca post office or its environs. I guess they had to take a cut for their labors. :-) I decided to pray for anyone in Morocco who has one of those Sharpies. To be continued.

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