Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Medina Continues

It was another day of an unemployed person trying to get healthcare and mailing prints of artwork to wonderful, supportive friends. Mailing stuff is slowly becoming a full time job! Now, if I could get healthcare from the post office.... 

I am thankful for all the art I did drag back home from Morocco. How could I know the work would generate interest and funds for a trip to Nicaragua? My life is certainly interesting with all its twists and turns! I was laughing with my host family at dinner tonight that in Morocco I had been living quite close to Timbuktu, south of Morocco. Yep, there really is a Timbuktu!

I also had two amazing Skype calls today. One was from two friends who have remained in Morocco. It brought waves over me of happy memories  to speak with them. I miss sharing life with them. I also had fun Skyping with a life long, dear friend, Alice, who is visiting the USA (children and grandchildren) but serves in South Korea. She looks just as beautiful as ever.  She is a present from God to me. How blessed I am to have lovely friends all over the US and world.

I did work for a bit on the ongoing Medina painting. It is slow going as different ideas and characters evolve in the painting. I have added a cat because cats wandered everywhere in Morocco. They were even in the gas station cafe! I think they were also around in other restaurants and all over the neighborhood. Most looked pitiful. Mine in the painting looks fairly healthy. I didn't have the heart to have most of his hair missing!  And, I don't know why the photos are turning out with such a yellow tone. I guess a daylight photo is in order soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the cat! Enjoying seeing your process-I am so impressed you can do people! And is that fabric? very cool!