Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The never-ending Medina

The medinas I wandered through in Morocco seemed never-ending, especially the one in Fes. (It supposedly has 17 miles of stalls and alleyways.) However, I am thinking about my way-too-enormous-for-a-watercolor painting of the medina in Casablanca. Have I bitten off more paint than I can brush?

Template-making for background for little boy.
Also, I have been swept up into sales and marketing for the Nicaragua trip, so my focus has been hither and yon, post offices, bulk bubble-wrap filled envelope purchasing, and re-ordering of prints at Chromaworks in Seattle. I think tomorrow looks like a solid painting day....except for the Moroccan meal I hope to bless my hosts with for supper. 

I am not known for Moroccan cuisine, but hopefully I won't kill the couscous with too much cumin. I found fresh mint in the Pike's Place Market today, as well as gunpowder green tea. Now, I only need three huge, rectangular prism shaped sugar "cubes" to brew my pot of Moroccan tea.  It will be three cups of tea around here tomorrow! I think I'll even pull out the mugs from Fes. I've been driving around with them in  the back seat. (Clink, clank, clunk.)

Here is what I painted in the lower half of the medina painting.

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