Friday, February 4, 2011


I feel I have been going too fast in life, barreling through the last six weeks towards God knows what. Some people might think I should have secured a job a few weeks ago. A friend today gave me permission to rest and slow down. Just rest. Morocco was quite the experience, so take some time to recover from it. I feel my boat of life has slowed even since our conversation.

I decided to pull out a watercolor I started last year to paint about how I am feeling. I sense I will be going out again, so the area of water is open. I have lots of passion for art and Jesus, so the boat is red. I know God will guide me, thus an illusion to the three crosses. However, the boat is resting in the grass and in quieter waters. So, I rest. (The painting is not quite finished...I took a break.)

I am going to try to have some fun now....hmmmm...... off to the church Luau!

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