Monday, February 7, 2011

Moroccan Spices

Today's watercolor of the spice mounds.
I have been looking at photos of the mounds of spices that I often saw sold, in bulk, mountain-like, at the medinas and grocery stores. My friend, Marge, says they are good pictures for collage ideas. (If only I could collage as beautifully as she does.) I'll think today about a more abstract painting or collage idea and post what I come up with later on today.

This is from Jill's photos.
I have a slower-paced day, I hope, since my headache lingers.  Today is another meeting day at  church for the Nicaragua trip as well. I am praying God will direct us as we prepare to go to the school and churches down there. Can't wait to see the sunshine and colors!

Spices in Labelle Vie in Casablanca

Spices we saw in Fes.

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