Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moroccan Pre-Schooler

My friend, Judy, sent me a quote that made me smile as I was getting up from my " you are an artist and can go take a nap if you want to" reverie. Here is the quote, along with a more finished painting of my little pre-schooler, artist in Morocco.  "Some Christians try to go to heaven alone, in solitude. But believers are not compared to bears or lions or other animals that wander alone. Those who belong to Christ are sheep in this respect, that they love to get together. Sheep go in flocks, and so do God's people."–C H Spurgeon. I am very, very thankful , for all my fellow travelers, fellow sheep,  here and spread out all over the world. Friends from Morocco sent me a photo today. In it, one of them was holding a freshly framed piece of my artwork. Just about to be hung up.  They wanted to bless and encourage me from over there. Yep, fellow sheep all over the place.

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