Monday, January 31, 2011

Moroccan Mosaic Designs

I spent the bulk of the morning at the passport office in Seattle to replace my passport that was stolen by three Artful Dodger types in the Paris subway. Watch out on the line by Sacre Coeur (Cathedral of the greatest magnitude and the greatest thieves!)  

Time has eluded me today. (I am working on getting healthcare - really a full-time job for someone recently unemployed.) So, today has become a research day for making the templates for the Moroccan tile designs I saw most often while living there. I must have left behind the one pattern that most resembles the mosaics I saw most often. 

If anyone would look through the art files I left, and find a pattern like the one shown here, I assume it would take months to mail it and actually get to me in the States. So, let the art files languish for now. The teachers there have so much on their plates. It's a good opportunity for me to be resourceful. I've put the pattern up to the computer screen, and created a lightbox of sorts. Before one knows it, a pattern emerges!

I hope to use these patterns in the Moroccan series. I am thinking of putting the first ones behind the little Moroccan boy I painted a while back. I think the purple tiles need to disappear. 

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