Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Medina - Painting Six

Casablanca Medina
I just have to share up front that God has blessed me with an amazing place to live, make art and prepare for my next steps. The story of God's grace, mercy and love in creating the home where I am now living is astounding. (I just finished reading the story.) This home and its story is true artwork. It is true beauty - what has happened in this place. All I can say is I am shocked that I get to be a part of it; God's love is truly amazing. (My travel buddies from Morocco would be very happy.)

I have new, heavy watercolor paper out, and I am beginning the large painting of the medina in Casablanca. It is the old medina, and it is quite typical of the medinas I visited throughout Morocco. I am captured by the scene I hope to paint because the woman I photographed seemed happy. That was a little rare in my experience wandering the narrow alleyways of medinas, so I am thankful to have captured her smile. I have many other people to add, but I worked carefully on the flow of these three people in the development of the drawing.

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