Monday, January 24, 2011


Today has been a day of supply-gathering and a speaking engagement for me on Morocco. First thing today, I enjoyed seeing all my fantastic students at my former school during chapel. I happily shared a powerpoint presentation with many pictures of people and places in Morocco. I shared the beach and ocean, the  school and the children, and I shared some of the local culture. I taught them the few phrases of Arabic I remember, and shared about my interesting and amazing experiences in Morocco. (Favorite Arabic phrase - "Ana Fanana" which means, "I am an artist.")

I wanted to have the whole school break for Moroccan mint tea afterward, but math and reading took precedence. I very much enjoyed seeing all my colleagues from a wonderful school that really values the arts. They are precious friends.

Next, I headed to Daniel Smith art supply store for my heavy weight watercolor paper. I found plenty of it, one of the few places to have 300 pound weight, and I found a good book to use with children and adults for watercolor projects. It's hard to leave a good art supply store without hauling most of what is in there away. Hmmm. No money is a great deterrent. 

Now it is time to start drawing out my next Moroccan to follow later today.

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  1. I am so glad that you got to share with Bear Creek School. What a gift for them to see and hear your testimony. They'll remember today for a very long time.

    It sounds like this was a beautiful day for you: sharing about missions, art, and then art supply shopping. Wonderful!