Monday, January 3, 2011

Hopeful Yellow

I had an artist first grader last year, Eleanor, who said she always puts the yellow sun or stars in her paintings. Because they are hopeful. I remember our conversation just like that. That always impressed me.  She is such a happy, hopeful little girl.  She often stayed after school. People asked me if I liked having her hang out in my room after school. How could I not just love having hope in my room like that? I've missed her this year.

I usually begin a painting with a layer of yellow. To me, it is like Eleanor's sun or stars. It is cheery and hopeful to me, and it seems to put hope throughout my paintings. I am beginning my first Moroccan painting by beginning with hopeful yellow. Photographs by Caleb, age four. And fond remembering of Eleanor.


  1. Sooo sweet!!!! I remember the yellow layer from Spain :) Paint on, Marcia!!!

  2. And warm feelings reading the story. Very nice photography Caleb!!

  3. thats so beautiful - love this!