Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moroccan Student

A friend in Morocco wrote and asked how I was doing with re-entry back to the USA. Should I tell her how vast and overwhelming and absurd Costco is? I mean really? They made me buy two loaves of bread even though I only wanted one. Should I tell her it's no big deal I am here and not with my students. I'm cool. Let it roll off my back. I wish I could write like Flannery O'Connor or Donald Miller or best of all, CS Lewis. I'd write about missing my students in a way that would be incisive and dramatic and profound. As CS Lewis, it would be epic.

My friend can just know I miss my students. I was hoping to do something sacrificial and important and honoring to God in Morocco when teaching the children to draw and paint and enjoy creating in their own unique style. Instead, I am drawing and painting them.  A bit of a bend in the road. 

I'll try to add paint to this dear one tomorrow.


  1. hi marcia. we do miss you around here and feel for your cultural re-entry. i still have issues with that even after living overseas for 10 years. and know this... your students do miss you and you did have an impact on them- even in the short time you were here. you did do something sacrificial, important, and honoring to God by moving here in faith- not knowing for how long or even what that looked like. you never know how God will have used your short time here to influence those that were around you. your testimony is never wasted :) love your moroccan work so far. can't wait to see the final result!

  2. Awesome....can't wait to watch it come alive!!! :)

  3. Marcia-love your gutsy writiing style-let it rip!