Saturday, January 8, 2011

Processing Through Poetry

Adding ivy using watercolor mask today.
My dad and I had a little poetry workshop today. I decided to process my experience in Morocco, the part at the end when my workload was not being understood, and I was being asked to do more than I could possibly do well. Many of us have had similar experiences, and I do think that it was God who helped me to be brave, since I did not want to leave my students.
Being Brave 

Rowing hard steadily
wild river tugging me.
Lurking stealthily 
beneath my keel
rocks like sharks
try to steal
the momentum of my heart.

 Sharp wind slaps my face
who will plead my case?
Using crossed oars to lift,
and escape this rift,
being brave,
firmly seal
the momentum of my heart.

Marcia Carole

Psalm 121 says: ‘The Lord will keep watch over your coming and going’ (vs. 8).

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  1. Hey the addition of the vine....very beautiful! Keep up the great work!