Monday, January 10, 2011

Final Touches

It has been interesting to visit many art galleries this week, and I have had the pleasure of speaking with many producing artists who are quite successful in Utah and beyond. They shared that at some point they had to decide between teaching along with making art or making art and promoting their work either in a gallery, through shows or exhibitions. One bemoaned the fact that he wasn't teaching, but he saw he could not do both. I've definitely been given much to think about this week. 

I am letting this Berber house painting rest for a bit, and I'll be heading home tomorrow. I hope to draw out painting two in the morning before my flight. I kept adding touches and layers to this painting today.
It's been a nice, peace-filled, art-filled visit to Utah.


  1. Thanks, Judy! So many layers of paint!

  2. Very beautiful work, Marcia!! I love it! Can't wait to see the next one come to life!

    I'm praying for you.....that hard answers will come to you and put your heart at rest.

    You are an awesome teacher, but a very gifted artist as well. I very well know the feelings of being torn in both directions. God will lead you...

  3. Marcia, I, too, love your painting - we'd love to have you visit Moab and see what inspiration it brings to you! Best, Judi

  4. Just a beautiful painting. You sure do know how to aint! And I do love the high contrast!