Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Twenty

My fellow artist friend, Jackie, suggested I paint twenty paintings from my experiences in Morocco. When we spoke about me becoming a real artist in the Seattle area, she explained all the steps that would have to be taken to get to certain levels or points in art world here. I embraced all she shared with me and began sifting through my photos from Morocco.

I asked my daughter to help pick shots that resonated with her, and she pulled out 19 of my photos. I added the dye vats of Fes as the twentieth. So, I have a working library, of sorts, of ideas for paintings. It takes me a good week or so for a painting. It suddenly began to dawn on me that this project might be a year long project rather than just a couple of months.

My son-in-law told me about an artist in LA who promoted a major art exhibition (his) using nothing but hype, advertisement and some smoke and mirrors. Said artist put up quotes from other artists about his work, that they didn't realize he would use for such a show, on a giant billboard. People were lining up for blocks trying to get in because of all the hype. The actual work was average, but the publicity ramped up the works' value tremendously. I don't think my son-in-law was suggesting I do the same; I think he was kind of explaining how fickle the whole art world really is.

My daughter suggested I focus on five ideas right now, that twenty was a little overwhelming. (Whew. I validate that completely.) I think I'll prioritize my ideas today, and try to remember I am trying to tell a story about Morocco with this series. Not fame and fortune in LA.

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