Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medina Continued and Unemployment Musings

People may wonder what unemployed people do all day. I don't know. I never used to wonder about that. Now, I am one of them, so I am in the thick of it, so to speak. (Thick of what, you may ask.) My brother, Marc, thinks I am in the second stage of my epic novel: Pray, Eat, Love. He thinks I was praying like crazy in Morocco (correct), I am going to eat like crazy on our family trip to Italy this summer (correct), and I will go to a third country for love. Hmmm. I hate to copy other's epic novels.

I tell him I may be writing a slightly different epic novel. How about Pray, Eat, Art?  I kind of like that, but it doesn't sound very epic. Still, I like it. Maybe God will make it epic?

Well, back to what I do all day. I don't stay in bed all day, in case you were wondering.(My dad is relieved.) I spend much of my day doing things preparing for employment, at a slightly slower pace. Oddly enough, my body is still trying to hurry, even though it's going nowhere at 6 a.m. like it used to. 

I find myself racing around my bedroom at the peaceful Lake House, and then saying to myself, "Hey, why are you racing around like an idiot? You are unemployed. Relax." But....I've got to get my shower, get dressed, check email, make breakfast really fast. Really? Who cares if I shower at 6 or 8 or 11 for that matter? No one. No one is going to ask me to get a sub for my unemployed life at 5:30 a.m. 

Stay tuned, I may get a job yet.

Waiting is uncomfortable because it devastates the delusion that you are in control & calls you to submit to the control of Another. ~ Tripp

And yes, I worked on the medina painting. 


  1. Your brother seems to be very perceptive, Marcia.

  2. Yep! Thanks for your humor in the midst of it all.