Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moroccan Girl

Being a "successfully producing" artist  or even a slightly successful artist is being totally sabotaged by my amazingly active and creative nephew, Caleb. He is practicing his home-made sling-shot on me while I try to draw and prepare to paint a Moroccan girl. The pencil he is using, often pokes through my clothes and brings forth cries of pain from me. "Now, how does that feel?" he asks. (I need to re-watch that "Boundaries" video.) Obviously, drawing on the right side of the brain is slightly hampered here. Bringing Morocco to life through my painting seems to have a multitude of hurdles!

My Moroccan girl is becoming representational of girls and women in Morocco. Many of my female students were not covered, but most women and some girls were always covered in my little town of Dar Bouazza.

I'll try to add some color after Caleb goes to bed tonight! ......The grandkids are all tucked in and I am starting to lay some paint in the girl's face. I am trying to soften the anxiety in her face, but, to some extent, it typifies a look on the part of some of the women I met. Women were to be indoors, not outdoors. It is more of a bit of shyness, in a way. I'll keep adding layers tomorrow and see how her face comes about. 

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