Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Berber Home

What a rich experience I had with my travel buddies, Lynn, Jill and Judy, while exploring the Atlas mountains outside of Marrakech and meeting Berber families. Our Berber host was most cheerful, friendly and welcoming. He explained we were visiting the cozy stone home of one of his wives. It's low ceilings, dirt floors in most areas and rustic door openings made me feel I was in an ancient home of these nomadic people. His wife was busy cooking, preparing the tagines while he showed us around. A few other fellow travelers were having sweet, mint, hot tea near the fire. A fresh water stream, meandering through the home, easily afforded one to scoop up fresh water from inside.

When our host mentioned he had two wives, Jill asked if it would be OK for her to have two husbands. That seemed to be a no-no in the Berber's mind. (We were just having fun with him.)

As I glanced back into the small, stone house, I noticed the bright light streaming into a corner of the back room, and took a photo with high contrasts of lights and darks spilling over bright green plants. There were a few varied tiles on the floor which made this area seem a little more modern. As I sit and begin placing layers of paint down over my yellow paper, I hope to maintain the brightness of light streaming into and washing over one section of that friendly Berber home in the Atlas mountains. To be continued......

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