Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Make Beautiful Things

Michael Gungor and his band sing about how God makes beautiful things out of the dust of the ground, out of us. 

Morocco, where I was, on the Atlantic coast, was one dusty spot. I am thinking through the story I am trying to share about Morocco as I listen to the song by Gungor. 

The landscape, architecture, designs, mosaics, archways, mosques, contrasts of earth tones and aqua or orange are all there in my photographs. 

However, today, I am thinking about the people I met as I concentrate on narrowing down photos.  The old men are sitting by the mosque talking, or outside by the cafes sipping mint tea and smoking. Where are the women? Tucked inside for the most part.

What do I want to say about the women and the children? I remember the artists who were painting pottery, my beggar ladies, and many children wrapped on mothers' backs. Each from the dust of the ground.  There is a continual contrast of dusty earth tones and bright color and life. I think the story is starting to come together.

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