Friday, January 21, 2011

Grinding The Argan Nut

I hope to add watercolor after the grandsons head for bed. Here is a widowed or divorced woman, living high in the Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakech, Morocco.  She is grinding the Argan nuts into oil that will be used for all sorts of nutritional and beauty products. 

Hopefully, to be continued later today.....

My grandson Caleb thinks it's interesting the Moroccan woman is grinding nuts on the floor with some of the equipment on a rock. 


  1. What fun seeing "our journey" coming to life in these paintings, Marcia!! I'm lovin' it! :)

    Wasn't that a fun day we spent in the mountains??!!

    I'm thankful we have good memories too!


  2. Thanks for following, Jill...and for having been there together.

  3. Thanks for sharing your artwork, which is lovely! I'm just starting to look at your blog, but it sounds as if you had a wonderful experience in Morocco. I've been once and would like to go again someday, enshallah!

  4. Neat to see your artwork in progress. Loved that Moroccan girl you recently posted.

  5. Enshallah! Scott:-) Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement.