Monday, August 16, 2010

The Adventure Begins

In the Medina or marketplace.
What an amazing week I have had in Morocco. I haven't made art yet, but I have unpacked much, bought a new watercolor brush at a local art store, and I am ready to roll. There are so many fantastic, colorful sights to draw or paint. I can't wait to begin! I am hopeful to awake early tomorrow to begin my first watercolor of our gate and the flowering hibiscus all around. I've been longing to spend days drawing amongst the people, so I am hopeful to begin soon.

The children are beautiful and sweet, precocious and fun-loving. I hope to draw and paint many faces while I am here. When we were walking one evening, one of the little girls gave my roommate a bright red hibiscus flower for her hair; then we enjoyed taking pictures of all our new little friends with my flowered roommate. It was a lovely moment of connection.

There is such a mix of beauty, heat, dust, pollution, smiling faces, honking cars, carts pulled by donkeys, fresh fruit and bread stands, packs of wild dogs and stray cats and so much more. With the pewter blue Atlantic ocean for a backdrop, the light chestnut colored sand is alive. The color feels so rich beneath my feet as the sun is setting. The waves roll in and make the rocks tumble. The tumbling sounds like the rocks are clapping. I stand in the surf and am in awe of God and His creation.

Today,  I learned, along with a team of friends, how to hail two different types of taxis in town. I also bartered for a pretty jellaba in the medina. (A jellaba is a type of light overcoat like hooded bathrobe often made out of beautiful fabrics.) I also learned how to buy delicious fresh, round bread in the market.
Arabic is a bit arduous, but I am getting the hang of a few phrases. Many are happy to help me stumble through arabic and french while conversing.

I have over fifty mosquito bites, and I have learned, the hard way, that I am tasty to the local pest population. I have gotten a plug-in device that is supposed to ward of the little buggers, so I will see if there is an improvement tomorrow morning.  The air outside is cool at night, so it is really a terrific breeze to let in. Those mosquitos fly right in along the wind current!

Outside the largest mosque.
However, the pleasure of being here and seeing so many new and interesting people and things far out-weigh the nuisances. How exciting that the Moroccan art adventure has begun!

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