Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hibiscus Near Me, Local Donkey

Here is a quick watercolor sketch of a hibiscus near where I was staying. I am currently looking for new housing due to a variety of reasons. I am hopeful to be finding a new spot in the next few days, but who knows, it's Morocco.

I can see the beautiful Atlantic from the window above where I am writing. The blues of the sky are blending with the blues of the sea. It is peaceful and restorative to just sit and look at. Maybe I'll get up on the flat roof and get a better view!

Today is a quiet day with no meetings. I am thinking about curriculum for the first time. I am also thinking about how to share my heart and my story with the beautiful children and people here.

It has been quite a learning curve to have no family or friends from home, all new co-workers who I live with, all new scenery, all new expectations,new language, no car, no real place to call home, all new food, new classroom - empty, and so many more new sights and sounds including roaches, fleas and mosquitos. I am certainly being stretched as a person. 

Making art yesterday was familiar and a time of joy for me. I pray I can do it each day in some way. It fills my heart with hope and connects me with my Maker in a way nothing else does.

While looking for housing, I was struck by the local housing of some people here. I am enclosing a photo from our house-hunting travels. It is definitely food for thought for me. TV is a must in spite of what the decor may be. 

Just another day in the life here in Morocco! Here is a local donkey.

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