Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Morning, Morocco!

Our fruit seller below our apartment
Today, we are going into the city to see a different part of the visual hubbub and cacophony of sounds. There is supposed to be a good grocery store where we are going along with a fruit market, different shops for bread and jellabas (their gown women throw over any outfit to go outside)and a nice french cafe to visit when Ramadan is not happening. We are taking a slow start to our day, which is fine with me. When I awoke early, the fog had enveloped our sleepy little town like a pale wet, gray glove. Now, the sun has burned that off, and we have blue skies above. 

I have already killed a cockroach, please let it be the only one, and have my french press by my side filled with warm "Cafe Noir" coffee. I'll probably go back to sleep because I am still achey and tired. After eight hours of sleep, my body and brain are still comatose from the week's events in Morocco. Today, I hope to draw one thing...when I wake up! But, right now, the town is sleepy from 4 AM prayer service, and so am I. Here is a picture from our rooftop patio space/clothes drying area and viewing deck on the Atlantic ocean. It's a great spot to have morning coffee or unwind in the evening!

I am certain there will be many adventures today. It's Morocco, after all! Stay tuned!......It has been about 9 hours since my morning coffee. I did go back to sleep for 3 hours! After awakening for the second time, Jill and I met Robin and headed for downtown. Robin drove because she knew the area better. We went to a little, tiny, outdoor market that many French go to. The venders spoke French, Arabic and English, and they were very nice. I got some fresh basil to go with my fresh mozzarella(oh happy day!). I also got peaches, walnuts and a bag of lavender to put in my closet to keep bugs and humidity away. You can find lavender in North Africa, no problem!

We then headed into a grocery store called O'Self. Not O'Leary or O'Donald, but O'Self. Go Figure. It was an insane mash of people and wobbly carts. A woman spoke in French with me saying we needed a police officer in the store for traffic. We both laughed. It was fun to understand the joke. I guess the French like to shop at O'Self for some special French foods, but otherwise, I don't see why anyone goes there when there are more sane options.

After a return to Robin's house to stash perishables, we headed to the medina in town so Jill could look for long tops or shirts. Women are supposed to cover their bums because they are eye-catching to men. Men can run around in shorts and a T-shirts, but that is another story. Every country has their culture, and it is kind of nice to see women covered more than they often are in other places. However, the jellaba seems so hot!

I stopped in a shop in the medina and had a great experience buying a watch for me and a clock for Jill. The vender said he had nice Rolex, Guess, and all kinds of very expensive brands for great prices. OK, so I have never had a Guess watch, but now I do for a mere $10. I asked if it was from China, and he assured me it was the real deal, totally legit. Jill got pictures of us shaking hands on the deal which I will post soon. Here is the watch.

The cool thing is that I told the vender I was an art teacher and an artist, and then he gave me an invitation to a show of art work done by a friend of his. It was a really slick invitation, and the show is until the 31st, so maybe I will get to it. The watch vender also gave me his card and told me to introduce myself as someone who knows him when I get to the show. How cool is that? I love it!

Be my Guide right here, God of Abraham, lead me by Your Hand, You are strong and wise...


  1. Marcia: I also am up at 5:00 and ready to read your adventure. Marc and Judy are here and wii be going to Moab later today. We all enjoy your reports. Have a great day! Love you, DAD

  2. You look good wearing a scarf, Marcia.