Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pas de Papier Construction Ici!

OK, so they don't have or make any construction paper in Morocco? That is what I was told today. Hmmm. I'm creative. I'll have to think of something. Tomorrow. By about 2 PM this afternoon I was physically shot from lack of water and sketchy food eaten inside my file cabinet. I can take a picture of myself eating in my file cabinet drawer tomorrow, if you'd like.

I'd love to go to Costco and get some construction paper or have my old school adopt this school and air drop piles of construction paper in front of my art room. Pinch me; I was dreaming for a moment. I can see the cabinet with all the construction paper in the aide room right now. I will never take packs of construction paper for granted ever again.

After about 3 hours of wandering around trying to get my class schedule, a roll of scotch tape and staples, I gave up on getting a stapler and tape roll dispenser. And scissors are just a faint memory. Never take for granted all those supplies you have in desk drawers all across America! Get in touch with me, and I'll give you my address so you can send 1/16th of all you have to me!

While heading for home, I thought you might like to see our neighbor's complex.

We left school tired and frustrated, so we headed to a hnoot that sells cheap jellabas and Moroccan PJs. We ended up buying 2 dish towels, but caused a good stir in the hnoot (shack that sells anything and everything). Then, we comforted ourselves with fresh goodies from the bakery across from the apartment we call home. After plopping down on our sofas, Jill and I turned on CNN and relaxed with our fresh goodies. (We learned Somalia was in chaos.)

We then went on another lovely walk along the surf's edge of our beautiful beach nearby. These walks prove to be wonderfully restorative, and we vow to quit our jobs and just live at the beach and eat pastries. Reality sets in as we think who will foot the bill for our lolli-gagging at the beach. And, how will we pay for those daily puffs filled with chicken and cumin and lentils?

Fresh fruit vender. We got some plum like fruit.
We came home from our walk and ate a lovely dinner on the roof of our apartment. It even got cold as we laughed about all the crazy things that had happened or that we saw. Here are a couple of pictures from our wanderings this afternoon. 

It is 8:30 PM and the call/singing to the men to come to the 9:00 PM service has just begun. Reality is really setting in! The praying has begun in earnest outside my apartment and inside as well. Life is so amazing every day no matter where you live!
Night falls at the bakery across from the apartment.

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