Friday, August 27, 2010

Total Exhaustion In Morocco

English muffins, whatzamagig, corn English muffins
Well, there is no where but up from here. Jill and I stayed at school till after 6 PM working on our classrooms and curriculum. I was pouring over books on the why of teaching art in the elementary classroom when Jill jarred me from my world of ideas. I was reading a book called "Art Matters". I had to read part of it online because my second box of books has not come - shipped 6 weeks ago. 

We slowly crawled into the car knowing we didn't really have any food for dinner. We didn't really care. Tomorrow we go food shopping in town. The bakery was our hope for something good to eat. They were just about out of everything, but here is what I got for dinner. It cost about $1.30.

Morocco really is on the other side of the world than Seattle in more ways than one! Say you want a ride up the street. No real hitch-hiking here. Rides are always for sale. So many are so poor, they try to make money any way they can. Men sell boxes of tissues on the street when you are at a stoplight. The boy in this photo gave friends a ride up the street. It is all part of the economy and ebb and flow of life here.

I thought you might like to see my apartment for a change. I have a good bed with a quilt and shams I brought in my suitcase. The fan is the second most important piece of equipment in my room. It was over 100 degrees again today. You can also see the pictures of family and friends next to the fan. So, this is where I will call home for one year. The folks who rent this place (we sub-let) come back in a year.

Jill and I did get our walk on the beach again tonight; it was dark when we finished it up and we heard wild dogs on the beach nearby. I picked up a rock just in case they attacked. ( I did read Call of the Wild in English class.) But, we made it back safe and sound. The house is quiet; the evening service has begun below our windows. We thought they might want to take the night off, but I guess not.
a new beggar at the fruit stand
Life in Morocco continues!   
An artist paints with his brains, not with his hands! - Michelangelo

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