Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Construction Papier est Ici!

Yes, I did find a little construction paper today, and I have pictures to prove it. I was so excited when I signed out with the nice man in the paper supply room!  I said it was for art and dashed out of there. I also found out he laminates whatever we need laminated, but only on Fridays. I gave him a big stack of things to laminate, and I filled out the proper form to have it requested. I still feel like a visitor at school and long for a map that will tell me where rooms, people and offices are. I also long for a map that shows me what is expected, how I should greet the maids in head scarves, and who among the men I may make eye contact with.

Other good news from today: I did receive a stapler, a 4 hole punch (they do 4 holes for binders here), a nice pair of scissors, but no tape holder. Maybe on the next ship in a couple of months? I might go on a hunt for an office supply store this weekend...but I have my doubts. I also ordered art supplies locally, maybe.
Everything is a maybe, yes, maybe no, maybe I don't know around here.

The other highlights of my day were when I snuck drinks of water in the girl's bathroom and in my purse because men were working in my art room, so out of respect for them, I did not eat or drink in front of them. I also set up a petite cuisine in my file cabinet drawer and ate in there as I could, without them noticing.

We had another beautiful walk on the beach after several meetings, both small and large gatherings. As I was walking along, I marveled that I was to give letter grades in art. I have decided to grade on care for materials , effort and attitude. The last thing they need is to feel they are not creative when they are 5 or 6 years old.

Jill and I continue to be amazed that there are only children and men on the beach at 4 in the afternoon because all the women and teen-aged girls are home cooking the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast. We slip past striped tents set up on the beach with sofas and TVs inside. We have to avoid fast-paced soccer games, four-wheelers, men swimming in their underwear (is that their underwear?), and men running with stray dogs following them.

We go to the local Bim which is like a very small 7-11, and we buy fairly fresh milk and snacks. Jill stops and buys fresh fruit and veggies from a hnoot. Earlier we had gotten cactus fruit at a cart drawn by a donkey. Cactus fruit is pleasantly mild and refreshing. One just has to swallow the little lumpy things mixed in with the flesh and not ask questions. Trust me on this.

As we try to pull away from the Bim, we notice the car behind us and the motorcycle in front of us has us jammed in place. I get out and try to move the motorcycle, ending up laying it on the curb and zipping into the car as fast as I can while Jill pulls away.

We have homework tonight and lesson planning; the evening service is going on down below us. Tonight's service has no fire and brimstone preaching like last night. We did ask our landlord about last night's yelling on the part of the Oman. It seems he is a traveling, guest speaker, the landlord didn't like his style, lots of don't do this, don't do that, and is glad that guy is speaking only once, and, God be blessed, left town!

I am going to begin a book tonight by Francine Rivers, just for a change. A full moon is shining above our house again tonight, we are well fed and happy for modern beds, flush toilets and electricity. (Except for that loud electric speaker down below!) I wonder where that is plugged in.
OK, I'll pray up here instead.


  1. Seems to me that both of you are adjusting very well. Keep it up! You are both learning a great deal! Love you both! Dad

  2. It seems like this was a day filled with good news. I'm glad the thundercloud over your head dissipated for awhile. Hopefully, you have a nice shower to go along with your bed & flush toilet.

    Love, Marc