Sunday, December 19, 2010


As I sit in a comfortable chair in a beautiful home decked with Christmas beauty in the United States, I am thinking about Morocco. I am thinking about the precious students I was given during my stay there. They were so eager to come to art and to learn, relax, create. I hope they will feel blessed to have spent the time together. I will miss all my students. They were gifts to me during my stay.

I will also miss friends I made among my colleagues. Three of them, Jill, Judy and Lynn, were my travel buddies on some amazing side trips both in and outside Morocco. I was just getting to know some other very special people and hope to keep in touch with them. I'll miss playing dangerous card games with Gail. I want to give a special thanks to Habiba, a Moroccan who befriended me and who wants to keep in touch. 

I feel sad that my workload schedule was not understood by those who make decisions. I feel sad that the art supplies never arrived while I was there. I feel sad I didn't get to say goodbye to our bakery boys who wanted to learn English and who helped me with my Arabic. I've had to let go of quite a number of things on this journey - from glasses, phone, purse, car (briefly) to special art students and dear people who graced me, and I hope I loved and graced as well. And now, I've had to let go of the work I was called to. 

I am very thankful for so many happy, crazy, profound and funny memories in Morocco. I hope to post some final pictures soon, and then close out this blog. It's time to go hug and squeeze my grandchildren and celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior.  

For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given. Fully God, fully man come to die for your wrongs and mine. Now, talk about a mystery of grace, a free gift and really fantastic! I love Jesus and He loves me! Now, that's something no one can ever take from me. I hope you have enjoyed the children's art and this journey with me.

"Let my song be for you, for you alone
All praise and glory flow to your thrown.
Let my tender heart, within this jar of clay
Be always open to the Wind of your grace."

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