Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy New Year Morocco! (1432)

First, I received 2 packages from my sister-in-law, Nancy and one package from my dad! Yippee! My dad sent file folders which I have been needing to organize my art lessons. Way to go, Nancy and Dad! Thank you! Nancy sent art supplies and chocolates! What a treat. I shared some chocolates with my stellar sixth grade students and my travel buddies.

Before we break out in total frivolity due to the new year festivities, I want to blog that I had a wonderful day in art world today. I am enjoying all the elementary students, many are creating on a new level, I take mis-behavior in stride (here is a referral, explain why you were fighting over that pencil or not fighting over that pencil and almost slamming the other guy the office), (I wasn't Miss, really, I wasn't , etc.) and I am really enjoying my middle school students. They seem to all be relaxing a little, although many have this crazy drive to finish art as fast as possible. That's the opposite of how I was trained, and how I am training my students.

Art needs to be thought about, planned a bit, dreamed a great deal. Most kids seem to attack art like a math problem, then slowly ease up once they realize there isn't one right answer. Then, they realize they can be a little dreamy and go where they haven't even thought of going in their little, just budding, creative world. I love to watch it and cheer them on.

Some kids have trouble handling the supposed "dream time" or time to make new choices and go in new directions. They think it is recess and slyly look to see if I will notice they are using supplies as soccer balls under the tables. (These children love soccer.)

Well, I'm off to see if the king saw the moon. I think if he did, or didn't - who knows, it will be new year's day tomorrow in Morocco. The moon and the king are a team for decision-making in this country, at least for holidays. Like the rest of Morocco, I had no idea if tomorrow would be a national holiday until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. Thankfully, thus saith the moon: "No school tomorrow." Let's party like it's 1432! Oh, I see our neighbors have their fireworks up and firing!

The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar. Hence a symbol of Islam is the crescent Morocco? Now, that explains a lot!

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