Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art, Art, Art!

I'm teacher tired and art tired today. I was prepping, cleaning and instructing non-stop save for 15 minutes of pizza eating. (Have I told you pizza is different here? Maybe it's the new cheese, crust and lack of basil. No matter; one has to be flexible in cross-cultural eating!)

I am thinking of ideas for the 9th grade drawing class as it is fast approaching, and I had three new girls ask for an art club after school. I have to figure out who to ask about that. I haven't done an art club in years, but it would be fun to have 5-10 students who were really serious about art in an after school club.

The students are putting on a "winter" concert, and the music teacher has asked if I would put up some art. If only I had been asked 2 months ago....I just wish art could be put up quickly and easily. I wish I could say to a pile of art, "Up you go!" and it would be up. However, that's not reality in my world. So, I'll do it, but spend hours and hours in prep for about 2 hours max of viewing. Then it all comes down. That's the nature of school art shows:-) I pray for helpers, who love art, to come alongside me.

I'll try to post some pictures of a variety of art that was done today, but my pre-paid internet stick at home needs to be recharged, so it may not happen today. 

I would like to share a picture of some of the pottery made here in Morocco for now. I just love the glazes and cool shapes! These beautiful pots are sold on the side of the road as well as in the old and new medinas.

texture rubbings - 6th grade

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