Friday, December 10, 2010

This, That and The Other Thing

Moroccan Dryer
My internet is up and running again, and I think I recharged it for two months. That is questionable because the two nice guys who helped me at the INWI counter at the Marjane said they could only do so much recharging per hour, (really?) and they would finish in a half hour after my departure. No receipt, just a nod of the head. Is this for real? Do I look like an idiot? I end up trusting all is well doing it their way. I'm in the process of giving up control, again.

Horses in the median!
Most of my conversation, with the guys, on time frames, was in French, so I might be off by an hour or day or week. Urggh. I wish my French could keep up with my needs. I've learned and remembered a lot of French, but there is always so much more to know. Yesterday, I did a great job of saying, J'ai perdu ma carte d'ouvrir le telephone, and got my phone unlocked....slipping and sliding all over the ma's and mon's, le's and de's. Judy, my personal French tutor helped with that conversation. 

Mutton in the median!
One guy at the counter today said he learned most of his English from Pink Floyd. I was wracking my brain to remember even one Pink Floyd song, but I smiled and nodded good job. Later, I looked up Pink Floyd, and saw that the lyrics are a bit odd to be used as an English tutor: "Arnold Layne had a strange hobby collecting clothes, moonshine washing line, they suit him fine." Never in my wildest dreams would I think that Pink Floyd would bring two very different worlds and languages together but, that's the power of art. I bet they'd be proud as punch they were spreading the English language.

At Friday's on the "Cornish"
On the way home, Jill and I saw this, that and the other thing. I have decided to share some "local color" photos with you. It's an amazing adventure to drive to and from the "Walmart" type store. After our harrowing drive, we celebrated victory by eating at TGI Friday's. (Yep! There is one here.)A waiter asked if I wanted my picture taken; I thought my friends, Alice and John, Erica and Mike, might enjoy this one. They live in Seoul.

The adventure is slowing for the weekend...

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