Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Art

I have carefully weighed, in my mind, which Christmas subject matter would be non-controversial in an American school with mostly muslim students. Many have put up trees for decoration. So, I have decided upon trees, gingerbread men, wreaths, candles and reindeer. (My fifth graders asked if they could please do gingerbread men!) Today, I cut out many of the pieces for projects for this week. 

I still have some evening work, but I feel I am achieving a good, brisk pace at school. I usually take a lunch break, but not today. I just kept preparing for classes or mounting work. The fifth graders are making accordion books; fifty have been made with twenty-five or so still to go. I think they can bring that skill forward into book-making for other subjects in school.

Sixth grade work.
The first graders seemed to really enjoy making their Christmas tree cards; I wish I had been able to take a picture to show the world their work because the cards were so colorful and special. They really know I want them to make their art in their own unique style, and, boy, did they give it to me!

I just love my sixth grade students. They are so diligent; they all want to get A+s, so they are so careful with all their work. They asked me if I was staying for two years. They asked if they could take art again next quarter! That sure did bless my heart today. 

I have actually seen them slow down and relax as we talk about famous artists painting for a year on one piece. They are learning that the process is very, very important. Sometimes, it can be more important than the finished piece. I did hang up their work just as soon as they finished it. That's the real finish line for artists, even students. We all want our work up and looked at, admired and discussed.

So, I had a great day in art world today. I hope the children did, too. I am very thankful.

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