Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting To The Essence

Today was an absolutely lovely day. I have been so blessed to be able to spend time with Marge and Nelson, Pat and now, Martha! What a day of listening to Marge the wonderful art sarge, and trying to bust out of my tightness in my art. Marge is trying to get me to the wonderful place of creating the essence of something. The wheels are turning, on the right side of my brain, ever so slowly.

One assignment today was to take a photo and try to replicate it into shapes using painted paper. This is a process. For me, it might take a bit of time. I began with the lighthouse image, then Marge suggested I try something simpler. So, I moved to the suitcase shape. That is simpler and quite useful for this next series.

I viewed a few videos with Paul Hobbs sharing his art and faith. So much perking here art wise! The creative, fun fire hose continues to blast on the east coast at Marge's house!

I was working, on the sly, when my mentor wasn't looking, on a book of Moroccan type arches to use in a book in the future. I'll try to post a little picture, but then, Marge just might find me out:-)

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