Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Art Books/Telling My Story

Just so you know I have not forgotten the Moroccan arches, I am posting a picture of the concept I have currently perking on the back burner. I am hoping to make an art book using the arch as the shape on each page. I have had to set it aside for now. 

Today we visited a very special couple who listened carefully and lovingly as I shared my story. They are so grounded in God's love. They have been in several cross-cultural places using art to share relationship and stories. It was a special afternoon with them. I could say so much more, and I hope to share in person with many of you.

Their transparency was restorative and healing as we shared, prayed and sipped our tea.

Once we returned, Marge carefully showed me how to make a fine accordion book to use to tell my story. I practiced cutting, gluing the book together. Then she showed me how to apply gesso to both sides of the book. I am now preparing my second book all on my own while Marge takes a little break on the couch. She MORE than deserves it! She is one amazing woman. 

Nelson and Marge capped the evening off by taking us to a nice spaghetti dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant. If anyone wants generosity stories, I've got them! Just let me tell you about Marge and Nelson. We have totally re-arranged their beautiful studio space, have books and prayer journals lying all over the place along with old cups and napkins by spent cups of coffee. The artists rest  and create in this loving generosity.

I am also posting the second set of tags I have made for the wordless book. The photo may be a little dark because it is already 10:30 PM, but I hope some of you enjoy them.

If you'd like to see and hear Marge's perspective on this creative week, follow her here: http://margemalwitz.blogspot.com/

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