Monday, March 28, 2011

Story Ropes

Marge sharing her story with story ropes.
Today was a turning of the corner in my understanding of using art and faith. Story ropes. I'll have to share them when I return to the great Northwest and beyond. Marge shared her story first, using her story rope. She came up with the idea for the story rope when preparing to share art and faith in Rwanda.  Marge and Pat (another wonderful artist and mentor) listened carefully as I shared my story with them using my story rope. It is amazing to see one's life, so far, in the "story rope" art form. I am totally sold on it!

I am blessed to have made something that may be helpful in a variety of situations and can easily be replicated. There have been many, many ah-ha moments during this art retreat/workshop with wonderful Marge the art sarge, and today was no exception. She continues to be so kind in sharing what has been helpful for women in her cross-cultural experiences, as well as in sharing her story. 

My Story Rope.
We've now begun prioritizing which projects I should learn in the few remaining days I have here. I think we are going to relax this evening a little by watching Pat's famous flamenco movie, but the process will continue first thing tomorrow. Thanks for joining the journey!

If you want to meet Marge, see her blog and find her art at:

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  1. I'm fascinated by the story ropes, too, Marcia. It's such a simple thing and has such great potential for many situations. I'm so glad you had this time together with 3 other creatives, figuring out how to use art to reach others for Christ.