Sunday, March 13, 2011

Primary Colors Moroccan Door - Completed

It is a good feeling to finish a painting. This one seems fresh and lively to me. Let's hear it for primary colors! (Red, Yellow, and Blue:-)
I like how the interior has flowed into contrasts of lights and darks.
I'll try to bring this use of lights and darks into the next painting.

I think the entry is inviting yet slightly mysterious. And, wonder of wonders, there really is a doorway in Morocco like this one.

Some of my other works have been a little darker or more somber, so I have enjoyed working with these bright, primary colors! It's just what I needed on a dark, rainy gray Seattle weekend.


  1. Marcia,
    If you want to work with some bright primary colors, get Dad to come with you to Moab for a couple of days next week. Love, Marc.

  2. Marcia I love this, I want to go up those stairs to find an adventure!