Saturday, March 12, 2011

Primary Colors of Morocco

The doors and doorways in Morocco are truly interesting compositions in their own right. We all often took countless photos of various doors during our travels. Maybe we dreamed of creating "Doors of Morocco" posters. Hmmm. It's been done, we find out while glancing around at a tourist trap. 

I am struck by the primary colors of this doorway, so I decide to do a little watercolor of it, with great thanks to Gail S. for her amazing eye for photography. She is a wonderfully creative teacher at my former school.

I'd like to add a shadow or hint of a person inside. I'll continue adding layers, but I hope to finish this weekend. Meanwhile, my oil paintings are waiting patiently for me....

I have added a little more color and worked on the arch; that's all for today.


  1. LOVE the colors of this one Marcia!! I'm SO have really "captured" so much of Morocco in your paintings! GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Thanks, Jill! You would know the best!!!!