Friday, March 25, 2011

Learning Design With The Cross

Today was a real workout for me! Marge lives up to reputation - Marge the Sarge. I have "come to the source" as they say. She is a living, breathing, walking expert on art, arts in mission, painted papers, collage, telling your story through art and much, much more. And she is a good listener as well! I feel like I've been hit with a beautiful, creative water hose of sorts!

To see Marge's perspective on our time together, and see her amazing art go to:

And this is only day one. Stay tuned!!!!!


  1. Thanks and thanks and thanks again !

  2. Gorgeous pages! When she was in Portland in january I saw Marge's Australia book "The Red Center" on which yours is patterned and have since used the idea of the cross overlaying images of place. It's a great compositional tool and works for anything because, after all, Jesus did it all! Now you've given me the idea of what to do as my journal when I visit San Antonio next month.

  3. You really worked your fingers off under "Marge the Sarge"..but what fantastic and beautiful results you all had,,,well worth it all :)