Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wordless Book Tags

One cool way to share faith in Jesus is to use the Wordless Book. It is a book with just colors: gold, black, red, white and green. Gold represents heaven, black represents sin, red represents Jesus' sacrifice for our wrongs, white represents the clean hearts we are given (Jesus' righteousness) as we are saved by Him and green represents growing as a follower of Jesus. 

Marge has taught me to think outside the box on this one. As usual, I have loosened up a bit, doing my artistic gymnastics with my new coach on the east coast. It has been lots of fun, and very stretching. The only other part of this project I need to complete is the sleeve to put the tags into for protection. That is a project in itself. More to follow........

My amazing mentor, Marge!

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  1. This is the perfect! Art is the Story of Jesus.