Sunday, November 14, 2010

Embrace Adversity

Today, I decided to try something new in preparation for my fifth graders. They are studying different explorers, and their teacher asked me if they could do something in art in conjunction with their studies. I was excited to be included. I have been paddling so hard this first year; but my dream is to be collaborative with the teachers. (It should go better next year.)

After a restful, napping morning and early afternoon; I am still dragging physically, I went with Jill to school to try to prepare for the next couple of days and make a sample book. First, I madly began cutting out maple leaves to make into American-like turkeys because we do celebrate Thanksgiving here because
I work at an American school.

A field near where I live.
I was thinking today; I sure do miss the Thanksgiving play at my old school, but all good things must come to an end as they say. I used to direct a little first grade play that the children enjoyed so much. 

Tomorrow, I am still going to tell the story of the pilgrims, Squanto and the other Native Americans. I'll hope to recount all the hardships, prayer and rescue on that very first Thanksgiving. It's an amazing story.Since I have different children, I'll tell the story this week and next.

After the leaf cutting, I worked up an accordion book. I can decorate it tomorrow morning in order to make an example for the fifth graders. 
Lambs near my apartment

.....Aside from much art preparation, I listened to a sermon from home and I spent some time praying while walking along the shore. I was walking on the beach thinking about the evidence of Jesus' power and glory, of His miracles and his sensitivity to hurting people. I thought of His love in being the "sacrificial lamb" for us - especially as I see so many lambs being sold for slaughter.

I was remembering back to when I was 19 and really sensed God loved me. He showed me in my own heart that I needed forgiveness, and I asked for it as I asked for Jesus to be my savior.  

I thought of the miracles God has performed in my own life. I took time to think what He has me doing this season in my life; It is pretty amazing I am living, working and praying in Morocco. Many good things have happened, but a disproportionate number of things have gone poorly. In the midst of it all, I have to embrace adversity and see it through to something good and beautiful and true. Please help, Lord.

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