Thursday, November 18, 2010

Florence by Daylight

What can I say; Florence is just an amazing, beautiful, artful place to visit. I am feeling recharged and renewed by all the beauty, slower pace, gelato, cappuccino, beautiful language and people. Jill wants to take an Italian man home to Steamboat. I'm sure it will all work out for her. Lynn and I laugh and take pictures for her and enjoy planning where we will eat next. Below are some of my photos from the day.

We are off to cena! (dinner:-)
Oh, by the way, we have decided Italian women can wear those spike heals on the cobblestones because they weigh 80 pounds each and their bones are hollow like birds. Could this be their secret???

The Uffizi was just as fantastic as ever. I spent a bit of time in a new Charrivaggio (sp) exhibit. I stumbled upon it twice. Wow, was that artist impressive with lights and darks. Tomorrow should be another day of fun, food and laughter mixed with lots of art!

For my 3 grandsons!

Is that bird building a nest on my head?


  1. I love the lion photo and caption! Ellen

  2. Why is David outside? Or is that a David-like? He was inside when I say him years ago. About ten years ago.
    Love your comments!

  3. The real one is inside; the one outside is just a fake put in the real one's place when it was brought in from the rain in the 1800s sometime.