Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

Early Fresco in Florence.
In honor of Thanksgiving to God and my 100th blog post today, I am taking a little holiday from technology for this vacation. I will resume blogging my Moroccan adventure this coming Sunday, Lord willing.

I am thankful for God and His provision in my life. I am most thankful Jesus died for my sins, mistakes and a huge load of awful thoughts, words and deeds. Sure, I have had moments of being good and right, but that was God's grace. My salvation is a free gift from my lovingkind, abounding in mercy God. The Christian faith is the only faith where the work was done for us. 

I am also so thankful for my family and friends. What gifts they each are to me. We each are God's amazing artwork designed for Him and each other!

"Never has there been and never again will there be another you. Fashioned by God's hand and perfectly planned to be just who you are. And what He's been creating since the first beat of your heart is a living, breathing PRICELESS work of art. And I can see the fingerprints of God, when I look at you."-Fingerprints of God by Steven Curtis Chapman

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