Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bunny Business

The demo.
When children have never drawn a pumpkin before, and they want me to start it for them, I begin to tire of pumpkins altogether. After about the third or fourth class of pumpkin value drawings, I needed new subject matter. Tigers? No, too hard for them. Dogs? Nope, dogs are considered bad, dirty, foul here, maybe even demon possessed. (Sorry to all you dog lovers out there.) OK, how about bunny rabbits? Kids like bunny rabbits, don't they? (I don't think people think they are demon possessed:-)

I had some amazingly odd shaped bunnies this afternoon, but I did have a great deal of one on one time with many students. I sat with them and tried to have them really "see" the bunny drawing I had given them as a sample. I had also drawn it before they had started. I tried to break the bunny into ovals for them. 

As I wandered around the room, I'd draw a head or fix the feet or the back on one of the student's drawings. After I quickly drew one bunny lightly on a student's paper, the student said to me, "Miss, you are really intelligent." Now, that's the first time anyone ever said I was intelligent because I drew a mean bunny! Now if I could get paid for drawing bunnies......

I said, "You are just as intelligent as me, and God has made you to be an artist too. You just have to try and practice a little." The students were so excited when they actually drew something that slightly, slightly, slightly resembled a bunny, that they'd run up to me while shoving their drawings in my face. This, unfortunately, is no exaggeration. Moroccan children are very physical and verbal. They could knock a teacher over in their excitement. Seriously.

When children have never drawn a bunny before, and they want me to start it for them, I begin to tire of bunnies altogether! Let's see....tomorrow? Maybe a lion. They seem to like lions, too. This is Africa after all!

The adventure continues!

"Value" drawings continue!

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