Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain Days! School closed for 2 Days

Grand Taxi stalled in a lake of water, our former lane.
In Africa, one hardly expects snow days, and rightly so. But, rain days? Being from Seattle, "rain days" are just silly, tired teacher thoughts. However, life is full of interesting surprises in Morocco. Today, Jill, Wayne and I, our AWESOME carpool, tried to swim-drive our way to school. Jill was tenaciously amazing in her pursuit of another hard-working teacher day, even changing lanes when our lane was totally flooded out. That means, she was driving into oncoming traffic. Kuddos to Jill! I'd give her a bonus if I was Head of School. Fortunately, no traffic was oncoming.

Heading into oncoming traffic.
Within minutes, cars in our illegal(relative term use here) lane were turning around and heading for home. We followed suit, and had hot coffee and candy(great care pack from one of their friend's) at Wayne's house with his delightfully sleepy family just getting up for their morning's activities. Calls were made. News began trickling in from closer to school. Some of the school is under a bit of water. ("HR is knee deep in water", was the official word from a friend.) We reveled in our latest vacation as the news slowly unfolded that we actually had two "rain days" due to flooding at school.

Moroccan flood plan.
I sit contentedly sipping fresh coffee and wonder about the phone tree we were given a short while ago. I guess it is still in its trial/ non-funtioning "because we are in Morocco" stage. Wayne mentions he is not on the phone tree. I mention my phone isn't working because my secret number code was stolen along with my passport and credit cards in Paris, so I can't unlock my phone to receive calls anyway. (I had just bought the phone and was just learning the code when I left for Paris.) No matter. I'll have a second cup and relax in front of a crackling fire that Wayne has just got going. We talk about getting together for dinner. Terry, Wayne's wife, warmly invites us over for leg of lamb.

View out my living room window.
The Moroccan adventure is slowing a bit. God has given us a sipping Moroccan tea and reading Jane Austin kind of day. Now where is my Mansfield Park?

Post Script
While not today's flood, here is a YouTube of similar flooding from the spring:


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