Monday, November 8, 2010

Lights, Camera, Form!!

Yep, it is time to blast into the unknown territory of "Form" in my little art world. I am having the students work on designing shapes and patterns on 2-D pyramids, and then they are cutting them out and gluing them together. The gluing is the really hard part; they just don't want to stay together. Once their pyramid is glued together, vwalla! they have a "form" or 3-dimensional object. 

It is lots of fun to bring the art terms to life. Also, a number of students showed me patterns of color they had made on their pyramid that were composed of complementary colors. They are growing in their skill in using the terms accurately as well. How nice to see the progress.

Form outside my rooftop in Morocco.
I did not take pictures of their work today, but I hope to tomorrow. I have been enjoying watching all sorts of wacky videos that show how to make pyramids sort of origami style: I like how the guy blows into the pyramid to get it to be 3-D. It is quite different from making very realistic watercolors in Seattle, but it is broadening my skills in paper-crafting. It is quite a conversation starter when one can whip up a pretty pyramid out of a square of plain paper. I could be a one woman show. Until I post pictures tomorrow...this very tired teacher fresh off the plane from Madrid and now adventuring in Morocco needs to tuck into bed. 

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