Thursday, November 4, 2010

Made it to Madrid!

Easyjet's plane did show up a little late, but we made it to Madrid shortly after 6:00 PM. We are staying in a suburb of Madrid in a lovely guesthouse B and B. There are six of us here from the school having a Spanish weekend away from Morocco. Ole! 

We are planning on hitting downtown Madrid by 10:00 AM. Le Prado, here I come with sketchbook in hand! I was amazed that we found two different buses to a restaurant in our little suburb with the Spanish coming from Judy in our foursome. I kept throwing in some Italian and French which did no good at all.

It was a long day, long flight, and I was hungry. I was so hungry that, at one point, at the tapas bar of the restaurant, I asked the senores if I could have some of their chips. They were generous and let me dig in.  We eventually got some meals, although we didn't know what we were ordering. We were making mooing sounds, chicken clucking sounds, etc. to communicate with the waiter. I had steak after all.

I'm taking a siesta! Night all!

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