Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Viva Italia!

I am packing for my next little adventure during one of our long weekends. I am finally going to my favorite country, Italia, outside the USA. All the long weekends seem to be this fall and in November in particular; one has been reserved for Florence. Now, it has come!

I've been running around all day saying Buon Journo and Grazie Mille! I just love the Italian language. The staff in the cafeteria and the security staff seem to be fine with me greeting them in Italian once in a while. They smile and get it. How can you not like the sound of the Italian language? It's opera, you know!

I did tons of art with the students all day long; I will post at least one photo of work before I head for bed. I hope to look back and think I did something good while I was here, so I like to post the art.

I did have a conversation this morning with a second grader. He asked if I killed a sheep. I said I liked the taste of lamb, but I don't kill a sheep for Aid - the holiday here. He said, "Oh, you celebrate Thanksgiving?" I said, "Yes", and I went on a little about my faith in Jesus. I appreciate that there is an openness here in the school to share beliefs without anger or defensiveness. 

I am posting a picture given to Jill for El-Aid Kaber....sheep all happy before the kill. The Arabic teacher did it with his students. What a world we live in!

Ciao for now! Florence, here I come!

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